YES! Your family can also have a terrific lifestyle.   

People usually look at this site or meet us traveling and say "Wow! this is amazing. But... I can't do it because.... (pick your excuse...) 

  • I don't have money  

  • I can't leave my job

  • The kids can't leave school/ friends

These are all excuses for not taking control on your life!.  Read below simple truths and  hopefully you'll see that, 

you can easily join the terrific lifestyle!

Excuse # 1 : I don't have money


Living in Bali will SAVE you money. You probably spend between $1,500-$3,000 US per person a month to live in a western country. If you can afford that, you certainly afford $1,000 per person a month which is the cost of living in Bali including renting a private villa with pool, daily cleaner and gardener, private international school and eating unlimited times in restaurants. So you live like a king on a budget that is 33%-66% less than the budget you current spend.  You don't need ANY SAVINGS to start living a terrific lifestyle! 

Excuse # 2 : I can't Leave my job


First, yes you can, and most likely you'll be happy to do so as 70% of workers hate their job. But you probably need some income (remember, living in Bali only costs $1,000 US for a family member per month, so for a family of four you still need to generate $48,000 USD a year). So here's the beauty, we'll show you multiple online jobs , that are very simple to do, and you can do them for 3-4 hours a day on a laptop that will generate you $48,000 a year. And the greatest thing is that you can do them from your pool, a coffee shop or while sitting on a beach bed sipping a cold coconut. Plenty of families live-the-dream this way here in Bali, so YES!, You can do it too.  Secondly, there are many employers that will let you do the job remotely. You'll be surprised that If you ask your boss, if you can do you job remotely for a slightly lower pay, they'll approve it (and even delighted, as they save on your office cost). Remember, it's not about how much money you earn, it's about your earning to expenses ratio. So in Bali, with its extremely low cost-of-living and no-taxes (more about this later) your money goes 2X to 3X further in creating happiness for you and your family, spending money on things that you actually enjoy doing (and not bills and taxes).  

Excuse # 3 : The kids can't leave their school/friends

Of course they can! Kids are masters in making new friends and in couple of weeks in a new school/community they'll have new friends. My kids had amazing friends back in the U.S. and my wife and I thought they'll be inseparable. So we were really concerned about this issue. We were surprised to see only three weeks into our trip around the world that they started forgetting the names of some of their friends and passed on our offers for have Skype calls with them. They just moved on and focused on making new friends. The same is true about leaving a good school. Bali offers world-class international schools so your kids not only won't miss curriculum  but also can experience top schools such as Green School (which teaches sustainability - see the TED talk).

You deserve a life with less stress and more balance. 

Come join us in Bali.