Bali: Voted World's

Most Desired Destination

By TripAdvisor

Thousands dream of visiting Bali for a week of vacation - you can live here full time!

Enjoy an English speaking tropical island with warm weather year-round. 

Beautiful beaches and the intoxicating mystique of its spiritual inhabitants who place offering to the gods each morning in front of your door and sprinkle flower petals. 

Bali embodies the ultimate paradise combining untouched beautiful nature, magnificent culture and all the amenities of a modern life. It's a mecca for Yoga, healing and healthy eating and the locals make us feel at home. 

With its low-cost living, Bali is an ideal home for a couple of family and received 8.2 (out of 10) in Quality of Life analysis (see below) 

We encourage you to do your research and would be happy to answer any questions. 

 Table 1: Comparison of Popular Relocations for Families

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Data taken from crowd sourced input of nomads ( living in these location and public sources

* Cost of Living includes rent, food & restaurant, transportation & misc (doesn't include private education)

** Without special visa or long-term arrangement, usually as Tourist Visa or Social Visa

*** Quality of Life calculated as a weighted index of the variables above