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We'll Make Your Bali Experience Awesome! 

Our clients ask us for 5 types of help, select below the one that best fits you:  

You are doing your research and want the 2019 Ultimate Guide For Moving to Bali.  It includes 115 pages of updated insight in PDF format on everything you need to know about Visa, Schools, Medical, Activities and how to find a great villa. 




2 You want a bit more personalized approach and need an Oracle to answer all your specific questions and provide you the most updated info on everything you need: finding a villa, getting a visa, insights on schools, best kids activities etc. 




3 You can't be bothered running around to check 50 villas, spend a month and stressing in the first period of your stay in Bali.  Instead, based on your specific needs, we'll find you your dream villa which you can then call home. We'll do the leg-work for you and save you tremendous time, frustration and money (as we negotiate lower rent).  We'll provide you access to our exclusive, true and tested, family-friendly villas and will search for you from all other available villas that are on the market at that time. This service is available only for families coming for a period of over 3 months.










4 You want to have an exceptional experience in Bali with an easy settling in. It will reduce your stress level involved with relocation to a new unknown country.  We've got just the thing for you! Our Smooth Landing package includes a month stay at one of our exclusive villas while you search for a home, and our Welcome Package that includes welcoming you at the airport, activated SIM card upon arrival, groceries for the first 3 days, cleaning service for your villa, Free business Wifi and our Oracle service to get you knowledgable and connected socially immediately so you can find your long-term stay with leisure.  




5 You decided that you really want to escape the rat-race and you don't know how to begin?  Our Relocation Program is just what you need! We guarantee that it will fully transition you from the rat-race into the terrific lifestyle.
How? We'll 
tailor a personalized relocation plan.  We'll ensure you're on the right path to achieve a terrific lifestyle within your timeline (3-24 months).

  • We'll create a transition plan and provide you detailed action items checklists.

  • We'll strategize your income sources, help you find new streams of income, and optimize taxes so you'll be able to easily afford this lifestyle even if leaving your current job. 

  • We'll find you a beautiful villa based on your needs and negotiate a lease

  • We'll take care of everything:

    • Registration to school for the kids

    • Sort immigration/visa status (visa fee not included)

  • Provide our Welcome Package, that includes: 

    • Welcoming you at the airport

    • Driving you to your new villa 

    • Stocking the villa with food for 3 days

    • International calling and Internet SIM card

  • Provide our Oracle service to get you knowledgeable and connected socially immediately.  

  • Embed you in our like-minded social community so you'll feel at home from day one. 







You'll get also our Bali Relocation Guide in PDF format and can ask the Oracle  8 questions that would be answered in a timely manner via WhatsApp, FB messenger, or email.  

I need  the 


Smooth Landing
+ One Month Villa 


Find Me A Villa 

Fee: 10% of annual lease

Based on your specific needs we'll provide you a selection of our exclusive villas and other  pre-qualified villas based on your needs.

Full Relocation
$100/month until $3,000

We charge $100/month during the transition period with a balance payment to $3,000 upon arrival to Bali  (e.g. if we work together for 6 months, $600 is paid over 6 months and the reminder $2,400 paid upon arrival). 


2020 Guide For

Moving to Bali  


Why Work With Relocation Experts? 

You might ask,  can't I just do the relocation myself?  The short answer is:  you could try.

But remember that "you don't know what you don't know",  and your mistakes can be costly, you'll overpay for rent (airbnb costs 40% more than our villas), you might get the wrong visa upon entry  (which will cost ~$500 to fix) and make other costly mistakes we've seen newbies do all the time. 


Moreover, certain steps are impossible to get done online (just try getting a visa extension on the Indonesian immigration website - it just doesn't work- and yes! they are working to fix it....for years).


Read this article on common mistakes and how to avoid them or watch this video about the experience of a family who tried do it themselves: 

"Life is too short to live with regrets!" 

Dalai Lama