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How Can We Help? 

Do you feel stuck? Do you live un-balanced life, spending time at work and not enough with your loved ones? Do you crave a change?  Know there must be something better?

We felt the same! Therefore, we relocated our family with our young kids to Bali. We want to help you experience the same joy we experience every day!. You might mistakenly think it requires huge wealth to live our lifestyle, but you'll be amazed to know that everyone can do it - the cost is so low. 

Because we experienced the process ourselves (see about us) we know how to make the transition easy, cost effective and convenient. We'll create a customized relocation plan for your family and work with you to implement it.  We' can:

  • Find you a beautiful villa (yes, the one from the Instagram post you’ve been eyeing)

  • Register your children to your preferred school

  • Find you an income source while living abroad.

  • Welcome you and your kids into our community of like-minded families. 

  • Arrange for all of the conveniences you might want (visa agent, transportation, cleaning, child care, driver and even a personal chef)

The paradise you’ve been thinking of doesn’t need to remain a dream. It’s all within your reach and we're here to help you achieve it. Most of our families are fully immersed in this spectacular lifestyle within 3-5 months of making the first call.


This is what we’ve done with dozens of delighted families who can attest that relocating abroad was the best decisions they’ve ever made. From rat race to paradise; from “is this what life is about?” to “I didn’t know it could be this good.”

We can promise you that within a week of being here, you’ll ask yourself… “why didn't I do this earlier?

Why Work With Relocation Experts? 

You might ask,  can't I just do the relocation myself?  The short answer is:  you could try.

But remember that "you don't know what you don't know",  and your mistakes can be costly, you'll overpay for rent (airbnb costs 40% more than our villas), you might get the wrong visa upon entry  (which will cost ~$500 to fix) and make other costly mistakes we've seen newbies do all the time. 


Moreover, certain steps are impossible to get done online (just try getting a visa extension on the Indonesian immigration website - it just doesn't work- and yes! they are working to fix it....for years).


Read this article on common mistakes and how to avoid them

"Life is too short to live with regrets!"

- Dalai Lama 

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