School Options

There are more than 20 school options in Bali.  So to find which one is best for you, as yourself what do you want in a school?  What do you want to see, hear, experience and feel?

Your options range from one-of-a-kind world renowned sustainable private school (see the TED talk about it), to multiple international schools, Montessori, Waldorf, home-schools, world-school and of course... un-school. 

It depends on your child's needs and your views on their education.


Below is a short description of some of the schooling options you have, we'll cover all of them and provide full detail on each, including a pros and cons of each during our call.


Green School 

The Green School is a private school providing a unique learning environment open to nature, with open buildings with no walls all made from bamboo. Students learn about non-profits, recycling, organic farming, and how to start sustainable businesses. Students use natural resources such animal husbandry, bamboo, and the campus food garden as tools of engagement and awareness. Students learn the significance of land integration among people and how to provide shelter, energy, and food in a conservative, sustainable way.

Preschool through to high school levels. The school’s mission is to create a community of learners making the world sustainable. It encourages students to get to know the world around them while promoting stewardship and environmental awareness to establish ecological values. Students are prepared for the changing modern world and are taught how to be environmentally responsible now and in the future. They practice and model life skills essential to their personal goals and the mindset they need to succeed.

Pelangi School 

The Pelangi School is a private not-for-profit that provides educational solutions to prepare students for global career opportunities through a holistic approach. The school provides affordable international education that focuses on preparing students for their future. Teachers create a multicultural learning environment that is close to nature with the school campus situated among rice fields.


It is a community-orientated school and the natural environment helps students learn about nature and how to be more aware of themselves and their impact in the world. The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is taught by teachers, both of international and Indonesian backgrounds. The primary language spoken is English and the second language is Bahasa Indonesia. Each child is nurtured to his or her potential through holistic teaching methods.

Bali International School 

The Bali International School (BIS) is a leader of high achieving students, over 90 percent of students move on to university after completion. Each class is small and manageable with 20 students each and roughly 80% of teachers are expats. 

BIS curriculum is focused on the International Baccalaureate education. that  encourages students to look toward career opportunities available all around the world.

As the oldest school on the island, BIS has an established reputation as a leading IB World School since 1985. It is an accredited school from preschool through grade 12. 

And there are many more.... Choosing the right school is a big decision and getting advice on these schools is important to ensure the best learning experience for your child.

To find the right school for your children simply book a free consultation call.