Planning a relocation abroad might seem a daunting task.

Luckily, we guided dozens of relocations and have detailed checklist that will guide you through everything. Once you make the decision to relocate, we'll help you with the rest: 

  • What to sell/keep? 

  • Arranging medical insurance, mail scanning, cell, visa etc. 

  • Timelines

  • and many many more  

We'll conduct three mentoring sessions pre-arrival:

  • Planning 

  • Financial 

  • Tying lose ends

You''ll get local insight to feel at home from the 1st day: 

  • Best places to dine or work

  • List for kids activities/places/parks

  • Recommended adult activities

  • Where to find essentials/special markets/medical 

During your initial period we'll be on-call to answer any question you have and assist with your settling-in.