Make your first step

to a better life.

An investment of $100 gives you a lifestyle that everyone envies... 

Our proven 10 session program will transition you from the rat-race to a terrific lifestyle.   We've crossed the bridge ourselves and never look back :-)  


Whatever your time frame, one month or two years, we'll tailor a personalized relocation plan for your family.  Our relocation expert will ensure you're on the right path to achieve a terrific lifestyle in Bali. 

We'll create a transition plan and provide you detailed checklist, We'll optimize your income sources and taxes so you'll be able to easily afford this lifestyle. We'll take care of everything needed: identify villas based on your individual needs, negotiate your lease, children registration to school, sort immigration/visa status, stack up your villa with supplies so you can have a soft landing into your terrific lifestyle. 

We'll also embed you in our like-minded social community so you'll feel at home from day one. 

Our full-service relocation program costs just USD $3,000.  

But to make is easy, we charge only $100/month during the transition period with a balance payment upon arrival to Bali  (e.g. if we work together for 6 months, $600 is paid over 6 months and the reminder $2,400 paid upon arrival). 



Why Work With Relocation Experts? 

You might ask,  can't I just do the relocation myself?  The short answer is:  you could try.

But remember that "you don't know what you don't know",  and your mistakes can be costly, you'll overpay for rent (airbnb costs 40% more than our villas), you might get the wrong visa upon entry  (which will cost ~$500 to fix) and make other costly mistakes we've seen newbies do all the time. 


Moreover, certain steps are impossible to get done online (just try getting a visa extension on the Indonesian immigration website - it just doesn't work- and yes! they are working to fix it....for years).


Read this article on common mistakes and how to avoid them or watch this video about the experience of a family who tried do it themselves: 

"Life is too short to live with regrets!" 

Dalai Lama