The Best Place To Live In The World?

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Would you spin the globe, point a finger and move to that country?

Many of us ask ourselves (when we have a moment of quiet away from the rat race...), where on earth is the best place for me and my family to live in?

Is the fact that you where born in Nowhere's Ville, Alabama, the reason you should stay there for the rest of your life?

Just because you found a job somewhere that you feel miserable in, does that mean you need to live there forever and see your best years pass by?

Maybe there's a better place to live in?

Today's mobility and accessibility of remote work opens up an opportunity for EVERY person and family to explore relocating themself to the best place on earth that can afford them a higher quality-of-life and happier life.

At the end of the day, this is what we all strive for - A higher quality of life.

So where can we get that higher quality of life?

Great question!. We did an extensive research to find those magical locations. We looked at multiple variables that where important for our family, such as being able to feel secure in a foreign country: Political Stability (we don't want to live under a totalitarian government with limited civil rights), the easiness of being able to legally stay in that country in a Single Stay (the longer the better, as it saves money flying in and out) and Healthcare (we want to be able to access good medical care if needed).

We also like to live in a place with comfortable Weather (we like a warmer climate), good Air Quality (someone told me it's important to breath...), and a place that is easy to get along with English (so our kids who's nature tongue is English could connect with our kids easily...).

We also looked at more qualitative measures such as how the locals perceive foreigners (it's always nicer to feel welcomed and part of the local community) and looked at the Local Culture (we prefer to live in a community with true and distinct culture, which makes it more interesting).

Lastly and to be realistic, we looked at the cost-of-living. Living in a place with low cost-of-living, where things that you just must consume to live (like food or housing) are cheap, is contributing magically to our happiness. Why? because it had a double effect.

When things are cheap, you need to earn less to pay for them. When you don't need to earn a lot, you can work less which reduces a lot of stress and can also spend your newly found time on the things you really love like your kids, family or your hobbies.

Also, when things around you are cheap (like fancy dinner for $2.00 per person), you are more inclined to take your partner for a fancy dinner without stressing about the financial implications about going for dinner. This helps many other elements of your life and contribute to your overall happiness.

So after looking on all these variables and pulling the data from multiple public sources, we constructed a comparison table of 25 potential locations around the world that we could relocate to. The summary of it (as it doesn't fit in full on a webpage), you can see below.

When we looked at the ranking of these location, Bali, Indonesia came on top as the #1 destination that fits our criteria.

"But i thought Bali is a vacation spot"! said my wife, and i agreed with her initially. I never thought about Bali as a place to live in. It always was an exotic island with mystical energy that you have on your bucket list for places to visit but you never get to it as it's too far away.

If you travel, you'll need a medical and travel insurance. We recommend a cost-effective travel and medical insurance. It's just $37/month and the best part, kids under 10 are free!

But after we started digging in we realized that many ex-pats and foreigners like us decided to call it home. And for a good reason!

It's and a beautiful, english-speaking, tropical island with a warm weather year-round. It has white sand beaches and spiritual inhabitants who place offering to their gods each morning and sprinkle flower petals in front of your door. We loved that aspect! 

Bali combines untouched beautiful nature, magnificent culture and all the amenities of a modern life. It's a mecca for Yoga, healing and healthy eating and the locals make us feel at home. Moreover, with its low cost-of-living, Bali seems to be an ideal home for couples and families.

We encourage you to do your research and would love to hear from you which location came on your radar?

Popular Relocation Destinations for Families - Comparison

Popular Relocation Destinations for Families - Comparison


Data taken from crowd sourced input of nomads ( living in these location and public sources

* Cost of Living includes rent, food & restaurant, transportation & misc (doesn't include private education)

** Without special visa or long-term arrangement, usually as Tourist Visa or Social Visa

*** Quality of Life calculated as a weighted index of the variables above

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