Typical Day of an Ex-Pat Nomad in Bali

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

You are probably wondering what a typical day looks like for someone that escaped the rat-race and lives this stress-free and balanced lifestyle? Do you nothing all day long?

So…no, you don’t wake up at noon, do nothing all day and after getting a massage, take a nap before dinner and go to bed. It’s a lot more exciting!

I’ve written a real account of my typical day, in short and with pictures so you can have a glimpse of what this lifestyle looks like and it fits you.

Morning: 7:00 – Wake up and drink coffee to this view. Our two-story 4 bedroom house (which we rent for $500/month) sits on rice fields with jungle views.

Morning coffee with rice fields views

7:30 – Do 10 min guided meditation as it helps me start the day on the right foot and eases me to prepare my two kids to school.

8:10- Drive the kiddos to school on a scooter. It’s a 5 minute drive.

8:20-8:45 – Meet other parents at school for a short social catch up. Always nice to start the day socializing and making plans for the weekend together.

9:00- 10:30 – Daily exercise: either lift-weights at the gym or do yoga at Yoga Barn on my favorite yoga mat which travels with me anywhere in the world. With a multiple-entry card my cost are $2 or $4 entry respectively.

Yoga at the Yoga Barn

11:00- 15:00 – Scoot to a nice restaurant, where I log into the Wifi, check my emails and get stuff done on my laptop. I found that this 3-4 hours of condensed focused are more productive than the 8-10 hours I used to work in the office in my rat-race days. My lunch there cost $4-$5.

15:00-17:30 – twice a week drive 10-30 min to do a jungle walk/run called Hash. It’s an amazing experience!

A group meets somewhere (every time different spot) and the day’s trial lead prepare a 6-18 KM path in the jungle, crossing rice fields, rivers, waterfalls and old temples. The path is marked like in the Hansel and Gretel story with small bundles of shredded paper that is left on the trail to follow. You walk or run, following the paper trail until the end when you get unlimited beer from a cag and everyone is partying. Families, kids and adults are all welcome and usually there are 80-150 individuals. Cost $3 entry (including unlimited beer). Can’t be better!

A typical Bali lake with a temple in the background passing through while waling during the hash

If it’s not a Hash day, I either play sport (Badminton) with parents of my kids school or get a Balinese massage – one hour of full-body massage with scented oil for $5!

18:00 - Back home to eat dinner together with wife and kids or eat out in a restaurant with friends. There are so many restaurants around with diverse food and very good quality. They range from $2-$5 per person for a meal including main course, freshly squeezed fruit smoothie and dessert. If you come to Bali for a visit or stay long-term, you'll need a medical and travel insurance. We recommend a cost-effective travel and medical insurance. It's just $37/month and the best part, kids under 10 are free!

20:00 – Closing-ceremonies for the kids (shower), as they are in bed by 20:30. My wife and I watch a movie together or go out to meet a friend for a drink in the town center (5-10 min scooter drive).

23:00 – Go to sleep.

Another beautiful day in Bali just went by and it costs me only $16-20 for food & Entertainment ($21-25 if you include rent and bills), this low-cost (equals to one main course for dinner in the west), makes living in Bali really financially stress-free.

Everyday I find myself stopping for a moment, looking around me and really being grateful for making the decision to live in Bali.

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