Top 10 Restaurants for Kids in Ubud, Bali

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Discover restaurants with playgrounds!

If you are heading to Bali with kids then you have picked the parents dream location. Bali is a paradise of kid entertainment and a safe place to travel. You will definitely want to include Ubud in your travel itinerary...or come and stay long term for the incredible community and options for kids. Terrific Lifestyle has build a community of families staying in Ubud, and those passing through, who meet on a weekly basis. If you want to join in on the fun you can find all the info in our Facebook Group Ubud Family Meetups. We always meet at a fun, kid friendly restaurant that has a playground or pool. Luckily Ubud has a great selection of these places and these are some of our favorites!

Top 10 Restaurants in Ubud for Kids

1. Warung Hana - has a great playground upstairs. Very low price & decent local food. We often go hang here when it rains.

2. The Onion Collective - free pool with a water slide at the restaurant and great "sushi bowl".

3. Pemulan Coffee house - free pool, pond with a turtle, coloring, decent food with low price and it's always empty.

4. Titi Batu Club - pool, skate park, playground and sandbox, great kids classes too. 100k entrance 50k towards food credit.

5. Blue bear - skate park, kids activities, & cafe.

6. Clear cafe - sit at the back next to the firepole.

7. Warung Janggar Ulam - has a playground and swings. Local food at good prices but ask for no Spicy! (Tanpa Pedas!)

8. Ubud Yoga Center - has a A/C enclosed play area. Very tasty smoothie bowl, laksa, and kids menu (food service ends 5:30pm).

9. Green Kubu - a bit north of town but has a really big outdoor playground,  a Bali swing they let kids on, and a pond with stepping stones. Food is not expensive and there’s many comfortable seating options. The only downside, if you have young children, you can not supervise the playground from the restaurant and there is no seating next to the playground.

10. Gendisan Bakery - This local warung along Jl. MAS has a large garden with many playground structures for kids, even a small trampoline. Menu has tasty local food at inexpensive prices.

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