Can My Kids Go To School in Bali? (or Best Schools in Bali for International Kids)

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Kids studying in International School in Bali

Bali seems like a fabulous place to live right? But what about your kids? Can you raise them in Bali and still ensure they receive the education they need to become a self sufficient adult down the road?

Below is a list of school options in Bali.

Choosing the right school for your child is a sensitive and important decision, therefore, we recommend setting up a call with us to get the behind-the-scenes insight that can not be obtained from school websites. We regularly speak with the parents in these schools so we know the issues, strengths and weaknesses of each. We are also available to assist you in securing a spot for your child prior to arrival to avoid disappointment many have experience showing up and assuming there will be room for their child. To book a call please email

School in Bali

South: Denpasar & Kuta

Trihita Alam Eco School

Trihita Alam Eco School is a playgroup through kindergarten(2.5-6 years) private, secular and independent school located in Denpasar, Bali.

Surrounded by rice paddies, the beautiful open-air classrooms are also accompanied with farm animals such as white pigeons, chickens, rabbits and a fishpond to enhance the child's learning experience. Trihita Alam Eco School accept enrollment, free-trial class, or visitations.

Sunrise School

Located in Kerobokan this Bali School acknowledges that human beings are physical, mental and spiritual beings - all aspects of which require nurturing and attention. To achieve this ideal for their student's development, Sunrise use special integrated approaches to learning and in their curriculum.

The beautiful natural surroundings of the school grounds at Sunrise offers an ideal opportunity to introduce (for the first time in the Legian area), a new and internationally recognized curriculum called #Learnscaping, which is quickly becoming one of the world's most highly recognized innovative approaches to education.

Australian International School

Located in Kuta, this Bali School understands the importance of developing caring, accomplished, global citizens through a quality international-educational system. Australian International School (AIS) is fully accredited Australian curriculum with qualified expatriate staff, has excellent facilities and all nationalities are welcome.

Jembatan Budaya (JB) School

Located in Denpasar, this Bali School is an Indonesian School with a national curriculum. Mandarin and English lessons are taught every day with native speakers with a wide range of new, educational programs and teaching methods. If you come to Bali for a visit or to stay long term, you'll need a medical and travel insurance. We recommend a cost-effective travel and medical insurance. It's just $37/month and the best part, kids under 10 are free!

DOREMI Playgroup & Kindergarten

Located in Denpasar, this Bali Kindergarten School has been running successfully to provide high quality education for children of different nationalities. Through DOREMI's educational activities and play, children develop their learning skills and gain confidence and feel it is important to socialize children early, to help them learn how to get along with others in a cooperative and supportive way.

Garuda Bilingual School

Located in Jimbaran, this Bali School is an English and Indonesian bilingual playgroup and kindergarten school. It has both national and international curriculum and uses the Montessori method of teaching.

The Anak Atelier

The Anak Atelier is an International Centre for Early Childhood Education that aims to provide meaningful early learning experiences connecting children, families and the community in a common passion for lifelong learning. Informed by best practice models that stem from international research on early childhood education, their approach empowers children to direct their own learning through purposeful exploration via a project-based program of inquiry.

Based at Balangan in the Bukit Peninsula, the programs are catered to children aged 2.5 to 6 years. Short-term enrollment is welcome to families who are visiting or exploring school options before moving to Bali.

Tamanna Rama

Taman Rama School, Denpasar – Taman Mahatma Gandhi Foundation. The school was the first private national plus school in Bali to offer subjects taught in English language as part of the national curriculum. Initially starting with primary classes the school developed quickly and now has classes from Kindergarten and Primary to Year 12 senior high school.

Gandhi Memorial International School

Gandhi Memorial International School Bali; a dynamic learning community, propagates lifelong learning and responsible citizenship through a challenging, multidisciplinary, internationally transferable curriculum fulfilling the diverse needs of students. From nursery to grade 12 fees range from $10,00 to $18,000 per year.

Ocean International

At Ocean International School we provide a warm and loving environment to children, where they can feel that they are with their own family and at the same time, have fun while learning. Ocean International operates on a common Indonesian schedule with ages 3 - 5 attend from 1-3:3-pm and ages 6 -9 form 1-6pm Monday to Friday

Lycee Francais Bali

Established since 1991 on the island of Bali, it has constantly evolved to meet the growing demand for quality French-language education in Indonesia.

Approved by the French Ministry of National Education (MEN) and benefiting from a partnership with the Agence pour l' Enseignement Français à l' Étranger (AEFE), it enables all students, whether they are French or not, to attend school from the very beginning of their kindergarten years. They also now have a program from 2 years old. Open to the World, the school also offers education in English and Indonesian, and strives to prepare students for the World of Tomorrow beyond the recognized rigour of the French curriculum, by offering an international approach to better train future citizens. The school welcomes students residing in Bali but also seasonal students who share their school time between Bali and another country.

West: Canggu

Canggu Community School

The Canggu Community School offers Bali's international community a high quality and affordable education platform based on the British National Curriculum, ensuring each student has the chance to develop his or her potential and talents to the full. Set across a beautiful 1 hectare campus, children are carefully nurtured through crucial early years by experienced Western teachers under the UK National Curriculum, with access o a huge range of sporting and recreational activities. Upon graduation, children are able to proudly takes his or her place at a high school anywhere in the world with confidence, maturity and a thirst for knowledge.

Wood School Bali

Montessori School - Canggu

Montessori Bali opened in 1998 with 14 preschool children and grew to fill multiple classrooms in two beautiful, secure locations with students from 3 to 12 years of age. Each professional educator at Montessori Bali holds a university degree and is trained and certified to implement an authentic Montessori programme.

Tuition ranges from 80 million to 150 million depending on the age of the child and number of siblings.

Bali one love

This homeschool group was established by Pistachio in 2015 out of her love for children. Taught in English by Balinese teachers and open to all ages. They haven’t adopted any one curriculum, instead using a very child-centered and reality-based method of teaching and learning whereby every piece of material taught is not only vital for their educational foundation, but also relevant, fun, interesting, and well-suited to each child.

Central: Ubud

Green School

Green School’s mission is to delivering a generation of global citizens who are knowledgeable about and inspired to take responsibility for the sustainability of the world. Green School offer children from Pre School to Grade 12 an all round holistic education and their curriculum contains the essential drivers of English, Mathematics and Science and features green studies and creative arts. The curriculum is influenced by Steiner for the early years and migrates to a Cambridge GCSE program for grades 9 & 10, Grades 11 & 12 study the IB program. The Green School campus is strategically located north of Seminyak and Sanur, and south of Ubud. Buses and Car Sharing services are available to these surrounding locations. Prices vary based on age and number of children in your family but expect an annual tuition of $16,000US

Pelangi School

Pelangi is a private, non-profit alternative education center located 10mins drive from central Ubud, Bali. Pelangi’s student body starts at tiny-tots and moves through playgroup, kindergarten and primary school grades 1-6. Pelangi’s curriculum is based on the British National Curriculum combined with KBK (Indonesian National Curriculum), and heavily influenced by Waldolf, taught in English and Bahasa Indonesia by native speaking teachers and their assistants.

Prices vary based on age and number of children in your family but expect an annual tuition of $6,500US

Wood School Bali

At TACCE Wood School Bali, their ethos is that all children should wonder, learn and grow as one with nature. Located just 15min outside of Ubud, Bali Wood School’s teaching follows a Neo-Humanistic Philosophy, which stresses the importance of embracing all people regardless of their differences and creating a global community. Wood School is an environmentally focused school and lessons are taught in English, with the exception of Bahasa Indonesian language class. Ages range from 3- 13 years. Prices vary based on age and number of children in your family but expect an annual tuition of $5,000US. Short term enrollment is also possible based on space for families passing through.

Suta Dharma School

Suta Dharma School is an education centre assisted by creative young teachers to apply creative learning. Using national curriculum combined with Montessori system, a process-oriented teaching and learning in students, with teachers as facilitators. The school learning process begins from 8 a.m. to 2.30 p.m for Elementary, 8 to 12 p.m. for Kindergarten for 5 days a week. And for our Play Group program, the school starts on 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. for three days a week.

Starseed Children Centre

Starseed Centre is a Steiner Kindergarten and Playgroup which is designed to respond to the developmental needs of 3 to 5 year old children using the Steiner (Waldorf) philosophy of teaching. All Children will turn 6 by the time they have finished Kindergarten.

Anak Matahari “Children of the Sun”

This school is three days per week at 4.5 hours per day. 8am -12.30pm (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) It is a “homeschool” startup by an Australian woman, who has background in Waldorf Steiner and early childhood education.

Students have an individual learning plan that she facilitates them self-managing. Including choosing the skill to learn, how they will learn the skill and how they will demonstrate they've learned it. The goal in the second part of the day is visible learning. She wants the children to learn and know they are learning, as well as have the ability to choose what they are learning about.

The fee is Rp1 million per week (approximately $70USD) - in advance, per quarter year.

Bali Hati International School

Although an international school with a good percentage of international students Bali Hati is unique in that classes are taught in Bahasa and English is taught as a course. Many students start with no Bahasa language skills but learn quickly to understand and communicate through this immersion. This school has a good reputation for sports and is also the least expensive of the international schools.

First Bridge Montessori

First Bridge is a leading Montessori ‎school stated in Singapore with 2 locations now in Bali, Ubud & Denpasar ofering Preschool and Kindergarden. Our unique mixed age Montessori environment allows kids to blossom into confident active learners.The children's intention is the driving force in‎ the classroom. Younger kids observe, imitate and learn from the older ones. Older kids learn to take responsibility and mentor younger ones.


Harmony school in Ubud is for children 3 - 6 years old. According to Mahatma Gandhi and other famous educationalists, for an effective development in the early age, the surrounding environment should be taken as a starting point. Children 3 to 6 years old are expected to achieve the school objective through simple activities connected with: vegetable growing, taking care of animals, taking care of themselves and respecting others. Tuition is 35 million Rp per year

The Spring School

This Ubud based school is for children 2 -6 years old. At The Spring School, we have an excellent understanding of children’s lives and their social contexts. Our priority is to support and encourage personality development, autonomy and creativity. Tuition is around 52 million per year. Short term enrollment maybe possible based on space.

Sekolah Montessori Erdkinder

MONTESSORI SCHOOL in Pejeng/UBUD, Bali offering International Montessori Curriculum. Kindergarten/Casa dei Bambini (3-6 years) and Primaria (6-9 years), Tuition is around 80 million Rp per year.

Ubud Teenagers Homeschool Group

This self-managed group started when their homeschool teacher moved back home and this group of teens decided to educate themselves.

East: Sanur

Sanur Independent School

Sanur Independent School is a co-educational, multi-national school, offering education to children from Kindergarten through to Year 7. The school offers a western-style education in the English language to both expatriate and Indonesian students. To be eligible for admission to Sanur Independent School, a student must be a legal child of a foreign expatriate parent who is temporarily employed and residing in Indonesia and in possession of a work and stay permit. The applicant must possess a foreign passport and possess, or be in the process of obtaining, a stay permit (KITAS). Alternatively, they must be the legal child of Indonesian parents.

Bali Island School (BIS)

This Bali School is the oldest and most prestigious international school in Bali. Bali International School was started by parents in 1986 and it is a co-educational, private, nonprofit school; serving students from pre-school to grade 12. BIS is accredited Preschool through grade 12 by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and is authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization for the IB Diploma Program, grades 11 to 12, and the IB Middle Years Program, grades 6-10. At the end of grade 12 students who have achieved the graduation requirements will receive a BIS Diploma.


Dyatmika School is located north of Sanur on a beautiful campus with purpose built facilities overlooking the Indian Ocean. Dyatmika is a well established fully licensed international and national school. The curriculum is taught in English and Bahasa Indonesia, using both the International University of Cambridge curriculum and the National Curriculum from playgroup until Class 12 high school graduation.

Be aware most schools require a pre-registration interview and payment before a spot is secured.

To Learn more about all the schools in Bali with full contact information and registration process, get the Ultimate Guide to Moving to Bali by clicking below:

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