Why it's called THE Lifestyle?  

People dream of the lifestyle of the wealthy, where you stay at 5-star resorts in stunning places, mindless about the cost of spending quality time with your loved ones.  

This is exactly our lifestyle.  Everyday! 

How we can afford that without being ultra wealthy? 

It's simple. We relocated our families to a stunning exotic island where: 

  • the cost of 5-star meal is $3 US (yes, it's not a typo, just three dollars). 

  • renting a modern villa with a private pool, daily cleaner and gardener is just $500 US a month.  Learn more about our Villas.

  • We get high-quality education for our children. Bali Schools

  • We have plenty of free time and part of like-minded community 

  • We can travel easily to nearby Asian countries  (Vietnam, Thailand Cambodia, Singapore etc.) and explore the world affordably.   

Everyday we have, at least, one moment of true happiness and ultimate gratitude, where we say "I'm so grateful to be living here".

When was the last time you said that out loud and everyone around you said, "Yep, me too".    

That's the lifestyle.  Less financial stress, more balance, more living.

Sounds great but you don't see how this life could be possible for you? Here's how!