2021 Guide to Moving to Bali 

Looking For A Better Life in Bali? 

Avoid the extra costs and time that face new comers

and get the most updated answers on:

      > Which visa to get?

      > How to find a villa to rent or buy?
      > Best insurance/medical?
      > Best schools for your child

      > Tips to save money
      > Cafes: for kids for working and for dining



The 2021 Guide Includes 100 pages of Insider tips on everything you need to know about finding a beautiful villa, getting kids to the right schools, getting the right visa, being introduced to a social community and much more...

It will save you from making mistakes costing hundreds of $$$

Find all the answers and make moving to Bali easy and fun.

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Sheril Greenberg

The guide made our move super easy...

I've got the guide in preparation for our move to Bali for one year (my son goes to Green School). It was a life saver as all the lists and information made it a super easy move. Thank you!

Amanda Jacobs

Fantastic Guide!

We came to Bali in August and  tried to find a  house for three months but all the villas we were shown weren't "right" . I  stumbled on this guide by chance and once I got it not  only was I able to find a great villa from the resources listed, it really helped me with which schools to consider, where is best to go to eat and have activities for the children . ...all those little details I was searching for online and not  finding answers.  Great guide that I've already recommended to friends of ours who are  considering moving to  Bali. 

Kayla Hamelin

Saved us probably $1,500

We are recent arrivals to Bali and were lucky enough to find this guide. We were planning to stay on a 60 days visa but reading through the options in the guide it highlighted a cheaper and better visa for a year that saved us ~$1,500 on unnecessary visa runs to Singapore. 

There is so many mistakes that I could have made moving to Bali, this guide was so worth the $20 I've paid.