Are you the Do-It-Yourself Type?

Our Bronze Package is filled with valuable documents that help you have all the information you need, gathered from our years of hands on experience, enabling you to hit the ground running and Do-It-Yourself.  But if you do not wish to buy the complete package here are the individual documents available for purchase:

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So you can see this lifestyle looks amazing... but where do you start to get there?  We have got you covered in this comprehensive checklist.  From selling or renting your home, preparing important documents, health, vaccinations, travel insurance, what to pack & what not to pack, Bali Visa options, to important financial planning and more!

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Departure Checklist


So you have heard about "Digital Nomads" but how to you get from your current job to this freedom income?  This document has information on our Nomad-In-A-Box solution as well and information and links to all the possible nomad incomes we have come across as we meet travelers around the world.  We highly recommend purchasing the coaching option along with this document so we can help you select the rite financial plan for you and help you get started.

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Nomad Income

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House hunting is one of the biggest challenges most families tell us they have struggled with. Yes, there are loads of villas available for rent but finding the right one for your family is often a very time consuming and potentially stressful activity.  Our hope is that this resource will make it more fun for you as you settle in and explore all Ubud has to offer. If you get started and find it’s taking a lot more work and energy than you anticipated we are always happy to upgrade you to the Gold package and take care of this for you.

This document contains a list of resources and housing tips to use when house hunting prior to departure or when you have arrived in Bali. If you wish to select from one of our exclusive family-friendly villas (see a few here) you can upgrade to the Gold plan by clicking here and guarantee your dream villa.

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Housing Guide

This document contains a list of school options in Bali. You will likely want to select a school close to where you plan to live. Therefore the schools are split into three geographical areas.  Be aware most schools require a pre-registration interview and payment before a spot is secured. Choosing the right school for your child is a sensitive and important decision,  therefore, we recommend setting up a call with us to get the behind-the-scenes insight that can not be obtained from school websites. We regularly speak with the parents in these schools so we know the issues, strengths and weaknesses of each. We are also available to assist you in securing a spot for your child prior to arrival to avoid disappointment many have experience showing up and assuming there will be room for their child.

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Schools Guide


When traveling with children it's good to be prepared. In this document you will find what do to in a crisis, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, dentisits and more including info on snake bites and dengue fever.  (See the predeparture document for information on vaccines, travel insurance and medical supplies to pack along on your journey)

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Medical Resources

Our most popular and invaluable document this is loaded with all the secrets it's taken us years to uncover!  In this document you will find the following sections Kids Activities, Kid Restaurants, Best Restaurants, Top 10 restaurants for Working, Top 10 restaurants for Evening Dining, Top 10 for Incredible Value, Coworking Spaces, Household, Supermarkets, Traditional Fresh Markets, Organic Farmers Markets, Night Markets, Water Filters, Motorcycle Helmets, Birthday Cakes, General Shopping, SIM Cards and Cell Connection, Beauty, Spa Services, Hair for Women, Hair for Men, 

Waxing, and even Botox!

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Community Guide

Pre-Departure Guide  $100

Nomad Income $50 USD

Ubud Housing Guide $30 USD

Schools in Bali $30 USD

Medical Guide  $30 USD

Community Resources​ $50 USD

Buy All Documents for only $150 USD!